Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, USA.


All code is available on GitHub under GPLv3 license. Use of this software is free, but please acknowledge or cite (as appropriate).

Comments, suggestions, requests, reporting of errors and bugs are welcome.

An atmospheric chemistry numerical integrator for the MCM. The code and instructions can be found here.
A 1D model of the marine boundary layer. The code and instructions can be found here.
Collection of R functions for mass spectrometry, atmospheric chemistry and data analysis. Compatible with the openair package.
Python programs for the manipulation of chemical mechanisms in FACSIMILE format. Developed for use with the Master Chemical Mechanism.
MATLAB / Octave functions for atmospheric chemistry modelling and for analysis of the MISTRA boundary layer model.

Funding provided by NOAA, NERC and The Leverhulme Trust.

December 2017

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